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On July 12th, the Constitutional Convention is debating the petition amendment that would eliminate marriage equality.  It is time to act and SPEAK UP!


Contact your legislator today even if you have done it before!  There have already been 16 votes on marriage equality, it is time for our legislators to focus on the other critical issues that face our Commonwealth .


1) Call Your Legislator Today!

2) Email Your Legislator Today!

3) Visit Your Legislator Before July 12th


Let them know that you support marriage equality and that the fundamental rights of LGBT individuals should never be placed on the ballot.  The Supreme Judicial Court and the people's representatives have already spoken.  It is your turn to SPEAK NOW and time for our representatives to secure marriage equality.




Rob Henry

Co-Chair, EqualMarriage.org – The Freedom to Marry Coalition of Massachusetts




Please call your legislator today and ask them to support marriage equality.  The Boston Globe is running a front-page story on how lobbying is heating up from the Right to bring the Amendment to a vote and remove gay marriage rights in Massachusetts.  In response to the story, I called my Rep and Senator, and was told by both aides that the issue was extremely important and that the offices were basically being flooded.  Please call, secure our rights, and make your voice heard.  Remember, your elected officials are there to do your work. 


To find out who your legislators are, take action, send an automated email, (THIS IS SO EASY AND SO IMPORTANT), etc. please visit the following: http://www.equalmarriage.org and click on Take Action.


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I am so psyched to find this community.

I'm a lesbian in Weymouth, MA, and my partner and I have lived here for a few years and are just reaching out to the south shore community. I'd love to talk more...

Things about me: I'm a social work student, into Liberation Health theory and practice, love meeting new people, reading, music, etc.

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I've created this just incase there happened to be anyone else in weymouth,
curious about who else is gay/bi.

you don't have to add this community to your friends list to post, so don't be shy.

I wonder if this is going to work.